The President of Academic Associates® Reading Program

Faith Manguba, President of the Academic Associates® Reading Program, serves as the director for the Alpha Reading Center.

Faith Manguba began her career as a classroom teacher. After teaching for several years and seeing the need for students to learn to read, she started her own reading business, using the Academic Associates® Reading Program. She was teaching out of her home, thinking she’d only teach one to two students for that period of time. However, the program was so successful that she went from teaching two students in February to 30 by summer.

With her growing clientele, Faith needed a space of her own. Her first stand-alone center opened in the summer of 2011, and she has been able to grow her services to serve students in multiple communities and various schools. Since starting, she has had the privilege to serve hundreds of students-teaching non-readers and turning them into readers. Faith became President of the Academic Associates® Reading Program in June 2016. Alpha Reading Center is proud to be the headquarters for the Academic Associates® Reading Program which is used around the globe.

Students generally receive instruction at least twice a week for one hour per session

The Founder

Cliff Ponder, an elementary school principal and teacher for 20 years, was frustrated that large numbers of students couldn’t learn to read. After leaving school administration, he bought into a franchised reading center. Recognizing that it had many flaws, he spent years devising his own program. He discovered some exciting new research on the neural architecture of the brain and began developing a logical, step-by-step method of teaching reading that would work in harmony with the brain, calling it the Academic Associates® Reading Program. This program has helped thousands of students of all ages in hundreds of schools and learning centers around the world. Cliff Ponder had over 50 years of experience as an educator, and has left behind a legacy, being recognized as the world’s leading authority on reading instruction.

Faith Manguba is a testament of the success of teaching this elite program. She proudly accepted Cliff’s full endorsement and appointment as his predecessor as President of the Academic Associates® Reading Program nationally and internationally.

While other centers charge up to $200 for the initial assessment, OUR READING ASSESSMENT IS ALWAYS FREE.  Along with your free assessment, you will also receive a thorough and FREE CONSULTATION with NO OBLIGATION.

The Center

Learning is best when students are comfortable and are taught by an understanding professional. That’s what you’ll find at Alpha Reading Center. Students will not be judged, but be challenged in a warm, comfortable environment by a caring teacher.

Teach Others to Read